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More Info 5/6/2017 - 5/7/2017 Loretta Lynn's Area Qualifier Unadilla_MX New Berlin, NY

Northeast Area Qualifier for the Loretta Lynn's National...however, this event is open to all regardless of your intent to qualify for the National. If your bike fits in the class, you can race the class! If you do intend to qualify for Loretta's, it's important that you know which day your class qualifies on. Be sure to check the Loretta Lynn's website or our website ( for that listing. If you are looking to make a weekend of racing, this event will typically work for all between the qualifier classes and the extra classes both days.

All racing is on U-2, our track designed specifically with amateurs in mind. Our website has information about on-site registration and gate openning/closing times.

More Info 5/7/2017 District 3 MX Unadilla_MX New Berlin, NY

The first of two District 3 races at Unadilla in 2017, this event is held in conjunction with the Loretta Lynn's Area Qualifier. District 3 offers twenty-five classes for dirt bikes and seven for quads. You will find a list of the classes under the event page on our website - . AMA membership and an AMA district membership is required for this event. Day passes or yearly membership for both are offered at the track. THe event page on our website has information on gate openning and closing times, registration information, and class details. We welcome all racers at District 3 events regardless of where they live.

More Info 6/2/2017 - 6/4/2017 MX Rewind Vintage MX Unadilla_MX New Berlin, NY

This fun filled vintage MX weekend is a walk back through MX history. The weekend starts on Friday with AHRMA cross-country racing. Motocross begins on Saturday and we tame down the pro track to make it vintage friendly. There is two days of vintage motocross racing. We encourage you to go to for information on classes, registration (pre and post), schedule of events, etc. You don't have to have a prestine vintage bike to race this event; just one that meets the year criteria. Here's your chance to ride the Unadilla Pro Track while being a part of racing history. And, don't forget the off track times. Some of the best times are those spent with friends new and old around the campfire swapping racing stories big and tall!! Come see why MX Rewind has become the biggest vintage MX race in the country.

More Info 7/14/2017 - 7/16/2017 Northeastern ATV National Unadilla_MX New Berlin, NY

Round #9 of the Wiseco ATV MX National series. Optional practice day for participants on Friday, July 14th. Over thirty classes for amateur racing starts on Saturday. All pro practice and racing is on Saturday. Sunday concludes amateur racing. Three wheel exhibition race on Saturday. Open pro pit. Racing is on remodeled Pro National track. Please see our website - - for class details as well as information on registration, admission, racing, gate opening and closing times, etc.

More Info 8/11/2017 - 8/13/2017 Amateur Classic Unadilla_MX New Berlin, NY

The Amateur Classic is held on Pro National MX Weekend. All first motos for amateurs are on Friday. We take a break on Saturday to watch the pros and then finish amateur racing on Sunday with all second motos. There are over twenty amateur classes offered. We race on U-2, our track designed with amateurs in mind. Of further benefit to you, we don't have to stop racing on Friday to get the track ready for the Pro National..we keep racing while the Pro National crew keeps working!!

Our website - has information about classes, pre and post registration, admission, gate opening and closing times, etc. The Unadilla Amateur Classic - one of the largest amateur events in the northeast for a reason..come see why.

More Info 8/12/2017 Unadilla Pro National Unadilla_MX New Berlin, NY

The Grandaddy of 'Em All... the Unadilla Pro National. All pro practice and racing is on Saturday, August 12th. Several levels of tickets are available. While general admission and limited access pit passes never sell out, upper level tickets sell out in advance of the event.  All ticket options can be found at . Spectating is excellent at Unadilla. You can choose to sit in bleachers, pick a spot on one of the hillsides or move around. The choice is yours. There are several great spectating areas that allow you to view 75[%] or more of the track. Get up close to SkyShot, view Gravity Cavity, stand at the bottom of The Wall. You decide where you want to see some of the best racing action of the season. Come join us August 12th as we "Do Dilla 2017"!

More Info 8/27/2017 New York State Championship Unadilla_MX New Berlin, NY

There is only one New York State Championship and this is it. This event is open to all racers regardless of state or country of residence. All MX and ATV class overall winners at this event receive the NYS Champion #1 plate in addition to the event first place plate. This event is also part of the District 3 MX series.

More Info 9/9/2017 - 9/10/2017 GNCC Unadilla_MX New Berlin, NY

The GNCC is unlike any other event we hold in that it is cross-country racing that utilizes segments of both motoross tracks, fields, woods, and mud sections. The course will be laid out over 8+ miles. ATVs race on Saturday and, with some youth MX exceptions, MX classes are on Sunday. Yearly, the Unadilla round is always one of the largest GNCC events in the series.